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_StreamGetFilePosition & _StreamGetLength
« on: 13 Mar '02 - 15:23 »
im playing an mp3-stream. i try to get the range i have to set for a scroll-control. but the values of BASS_StreamGetLength and BASS_ChannelGetPosition returns different values. i have to multiply the BASS_StreamGetLength with aprox. 11.02... so, how do i get the correct length of the stream, wich fits to the value from _ChannelGetPosition???

ps.: the engine is perfect! i used in my old project the xaudio-engine. but after watching bass in action: xaudio is crap ;o)

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Re: _StreamGetFilePosition & _StreamGetLength
« Reply #1 on: 13 Mar '02 - 17:17 »
Are you using BASS_StreamGetFilePosition(handle,2) to get the length? It sounds so, because that returns the filesize, which is about 11.02 times smaller than the decoded playback length for a 128kb/s MP3 :)

You should use BASS_StreamGetLength, which gives the decoded playback length.


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Re: _StreamGetFilePosition & _StreamGetLength
« Reply #2 on: 14 Mar '02 - 13:06 »
sounds as you are right  ;D thanks, i will try!