Author Topic: How Can I to Cancel Downloading MP3 File When I use Bass.BASS_StreamCreateURL()?  (Read 1103 times)


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private int _Stream = 0;

public void NextSong()
     // It do not working?... when I click the "nextsong" button, I don't want still downloading the prev song even if Not downloaded
    _Stream = Bass.BASS_StreamCreateURL(Source.ToString(), 0, Flags, null, IntPtr.Zero);
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Ian @ un4seen

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BASS_StreamCreateURL doesn't download the entire file, but it does wait for the connection to be made and some data downloaded to detect the format/etc. There is currently no way to cancel a BASS_StreamCreateURL call, but what you could do is make the call in a separate thread, and then signal the thread if you would like to cancel it, and the thread can then discard (BASS_StreamFree) the new stream when the call returns.