Author Topic: System Equalizer - Need help getting started!  (Read 8427 times)


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So, I'd like to start a project I've wanted to do for months, and now that I've installed BASS, I think it might actually be possible now 8D.

The problem is, I don't know where to put my first lines of code, or even too much of what to put. I'll be using Microsoft Visual C# for this.

My project is simple, though I haven't been able to find any program that does what I want it to do (and the ones can do what I want don't seem to have any effect when that feature is activated).

I just want an equalizer that will affect the Stereo Mix, and any sound my computer plays (all 5.1 channels) will be affected by the equalizer. That's it.

How would I start out a project like this? I am new to programming, so I usually have quite a difficult time getting a project started.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps : ).