Author Topic: Problem after upgrading from version 2.4.4 of BASS to version 2.4.6  (Read 3142 times)


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Hi  ;D

I've noticed a problem after upgrading from version 2.4.4 of BASS to version 2.4.6: the problem is a crash in MMdevAPI.dll when accessing certain functions of BASS (for example BASS_GetDeviceInfo and BASS_Init) while a USB device is being connected or disconnected to the system (my test was under Windows 7 x86); when I use version 2.4.6 the problem is consistent and happens always while when I use version 2.4.4 this never happens.

Unfortunately I cannot replicate the issue using a small application but if Ian could send me a debugging/logged version may be that it could bring some light.

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Bert B.

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Hi Nadia,

Please download the latest version:
Maybe it's time for an official 2.4.7 release.



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Please download the latest version:

Hi Bert  ;D

thanks for the update: from first tests it seems to resolve the issue: I will make further tests in order to see if there is still some glitch but first results seems to be good  :D

Does the same problem affected x64 version also? I didn't tested with it.

Kind regards  ;D

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Ian @ un4seen

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BASS 2.4.6 uses WASAPI's device notifications (on Vista/7) to get informed of new/removed devices, rather than polling for changes. It has since been switched back to polling on all Windows as the notification system could cause problems with dynamically loading, or more specifically, unloading BASS.DLL (due to COM restrictions). It sounds like you may have encountered another problem with it :)

If you do still get the problem with the latest stuff, please upload a "minidump" for the crash...

The same would apply to the Win64 version, but the notification stuff has already been removed in the build currently in the Win64 package.