Author Topic: Windows XP modem log filesize?  (Read 3359 times)

Rich Nagel

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Windows XP modem log filesize?
« on: 12 Nov '10 - 03:50 »

Rather O.T. here, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a way (or a registry hack) to force Windows XP to *NOT* spool the modem log? This is something that has always drove me nutz!

In Windows 98 (and I'm assuming earilier 9x version) you could configure Windows to keep a log file of all connections/modem communications, and also choose to append to the log. Under those OS's the log file would never "spool", but rather grow in size until you cleared (or deleted) it. This was EXTREMELY handy for someone on dialup (like me) for diagnosing connection or speed problems (for sorry-arsed phone lines, like we have out here in the sticks).

Under Windows XP (I suppose in Bill Gates "infinite wisdom"), the modem log file now simply spools when "Append to log" is chosen... and seems only to log about a day or so before it dumps the older entries for newer ones. I'd just as soon have the log grow, and delete (or clear) it myself!

As usual, I've Google-d and Usenet-ed like a madman; but only found *ONE* person asking about this with no replies <aarrggh>.