Author Topic: Optimum settings for BassFx's tempo stream  (Read 625 times)


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I am experiencing a slight quality issue while pitching my streams,
can you recommend good settings for BASS_ATTRIB_TEMPO_OPTION_* attributes,
for House & Techno music ?

Previously I used to set the pitch though BassAsio.SetRate but depending the device,
mine for instance doesn't support that even though it's semi-pro hardware.
Additionally, as I needed a 0.02% resolution which BassFx does handle very well so far,
the BassAsio.SetRate was not appropriate at all, BUT the audio quality was better.

I guess it's related to filter occuring in the process but I was thinking,
isn't it just possible to bypass the filters at all ?

Even on Pioneer CDJs, there are artifacts BUT strictly when you have Master Tempo on.
Master Tempo is changing speed, but keeping pitch intact.
When you turn it off, so it behaves a classic turntable (what I need) the quality is there,
no artifacts are heard, there's no filtering. (beside resampling of course)

There are other routes I could take with BASS but I'd rather ask you first.
Such as Bass_ChannelSetFormat for instance but this would be strictly for ASIO.

Thank you  ;D