Author Topic: How to find a match between SPDRP_HARDWAREID and device index in audiodevices?  (Read 6232 times)


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I need to restrict access to some devices from device list of record devices.

I enumerate their SPDRP_HARDWAREID by...

SetupDiGetClassDescription(GUID, @Buffer[0], Length(Buffer), BufSize);
PnPHandle := SetupDiGetClassDevs(@aGUID, nil, 0, DIGCF_PRESENT);
DevData.cbSize := SizeOf(DevData);
res:=SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo(PnPHandle, i, DevData);
S:=GetDeviceName(PnPHandle, DevData,SPDRP_HARDWAREID);

after above S contains an USB\Vid_...\Pid value.

but waveInGetDevCaps (enumerated by waveInGetNumDevs) returns names and indexes of devices that don't match to SPDRP_HARDWAREID.

subj or other words how to set a record device defined by SPDRP_HARDWAREID?

I found similar topic but there's no anwser

for a while...
I found that BASS_RecordGetDeviceInfo returns in BASS_DEVICEINFO a driver signature (how it did that?).
I found in registry what is device has that ID driver, from that hive I may find vid\pid of hardware device. right?

BASS_DEVICEINFO returns other data in Windows XP and Win7... :(

in win7 I get BASS_DEVICEINFO.driver as {}.{6a2e51b5-1e22-4d3a-8d2b-a2e1152f4e2d}
in winxp it returns as usbaudio.sys w\o any GUID of driver...
but why?
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