Author Topic: Feature Request for BassEnc: Shoutcast 2 protocol support  (Read 2851 times)


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Hi Ian,

just a suggestion for the future of BassEnc, would it be nice if you can add support for Shoutcast 2 protocol.


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Yep it would be nice.....if possible

Ian @ un4seen

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Here's something to try...

To use the Shoutcast 2 protocol, the stream id needs to be added to the BASS_Encode_CastInit "server" parameter ("address:port,sid"). A username can optionally also be included in the "pass" parameter ("username:password"). BASS_Encode_CastSetTitle is supported as usual but the "title" should be in UTF-8 form, and "url" is unused.

This stuff hasn't been tested much yet, so please report how you get on with it.


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Just tested it. Seems working fine, thanks!
Except for BASS_Encode_CastSetTitle doesn't work with international UTF-8 characters.
The server gives no error, but characters are not displayed correctly.
Could you check it please?
Here is the call:
BASS_Encode_CastSetTitle(hEncoder, PAnsiChar(AnsitoUTF8(U)), nil);
This works for Icecast server which also works with UTF8 text, but not for Shoutcast2.

UPD: sorry for bothering, the wrong text is in the Shoutcast log, but players display it fine :)
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