Author Topic: The future about b&f releases  (Read 2248 times)

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The future about b&f releases
« on: 19 Aug '13 - 14:23 »
Dear users,

Yesterday, a severe event happened. The main notebook used for skin creation stopped working(*). This was very unfortunate for us (because all the skins were created there) and for you (we need to halt skin creation for a time).

About the most recent project, "Radio", we can't create hotfixes yet. "Codename: u" will be halted until further notice.

Maybe Kitsune could help a little, but I need to warn she's the artist and I'm the Geek -- she can't understand the XMPlay skin creation scheme yet, she only provides with creative collaboration and digital|phisical graphics.

We're very sorry about this event. Now I'm saving money for a new notebook.

Nicolas Bahamondes and Kitsune Furan

(*) "Stopped Working" is a better way to say "the computer is dead".


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Re: The future about b&f releases
« Reply #1 on: 22 Aug '13 - 20:12 »
This is bad news, in my opinion your skins are one of the main elements of the development of this program at this moment


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Re: The future about b&f releases
« Reply #2 on: 23 Aug '13 - 02:48 »
Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Hope you get up and running again :)


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Re: The future about b&f releases
« Reply #3 on: 23 Aug '13 - 08:39 »
About the (*).. You could still salvage your projects and other data if it's not the hard drive that's dead. (And even if it was but that might not come cheap).

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HDD's workin'
« Reply #4 on: 23 Aug '13 - 20:26 »
I know the HDD is fine. Even I'm using it into a HDD Case at the University to hear music (Sorry, no XMPlay here! Just Mac :P)

I've made a decision. I'll save money for my first MacBook... obviously when I get it I'll BootCamp it with Windows 7.