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Hu Sea

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C# Push To Talk Application
« on: 29 Dec '11 - 01:26 »
Below are all the details necessary for a quote to be generated:

We have an existing application in C#.  We need this application to:
* Record sound from an input device (i.e. microphone) and send it to a server process
* Connect to a server, keep the connection open (persistent thread) and listen
* Streaming is required as I want the delivery of the outbound message to be received by all "subscribers" in realtime.
* Think of this as a streaming radio station where anyone can be the source
* The server component should also be written in C#
* The server component will need to save every audio delivery to disk

Feel FREE  to utilize existing open-source components (obvious Bass Library).

Contact me here:

I ASSURE you that I will: 1) Reply immediately 2) Remove this post once I have found someone to do the job


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Re: C# Push To Talk Application
« Reply #1 on: 5 Jan '12 - 16:18 »
I am not good enough with bass yet to do your job but Just to clearify, you basically want to provide the feautures that for example Skype Conferences provide but have it "homecoded" ?

The Bass Forum really should have a section called something like "Looking for Developers" with subsections "Commercial/Paid" and "Free/Open Source".