Author Topic: Ripping from CD: how to name ripped files as they appear in the playlist  (Read 2911 times)


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When I open a CD in XMPlay, it retrieves the names of all the songs without problems, but when I want to rip them the files are named like "Track 01", "Track 02" etc. Is it possible to name the songs automatically as they are shown in the playlist (default behaviour of Windows Media Player)?

The only option I managed to find that deals with naming of ripped files is the one in Output / File writing / Auto-filename, but this actually doesn't help in this situation. I guess this question must have been asked a million times already but after combing the forums for an hour or so… here I am.


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How do you rip the tracks? Do you switch the output to WAV writer and save the resulting files somewhere on disk? Or do you use encoder output with LAME?


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Switch the output to WAV writer, save the resulting files.

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It isn't currently possible to have XMPlay automatically use the track's title for the output filename, but here's an update to try, which adds a "Use title" option to the Output options page...

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Thank you Ian. Neat little update.  8)


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Great, thanks so much! …bonus points for correctly handling Unicode!

The way Windows Media Player handles ripping files from a CD is still a bit smoother since it automatically makes a folder with the artist's name, and inside it actually numbers the songs so they are not sorted alphabetically after ripping but maintain the order they were in on the original CD (this can be customized to some extent, probably the only thing WMP does better than XMPlay I guess). Ideally the ripped files would just inherit the name just as it is in the playlist.

Admittedly this can be partially fixed by sorting the ripped files by date (they were ripped from top to bottom so timestamps are indicative of the order on the original CD) and running a batch rename that numbers them, so all's good. Not sure I'm explaining myself well here :)

Anyway I'm super happy, it all works! Thank you!