Author Topic: Bug with current xmPlay 3.6, and improving access for blind users.  (Read 1154 times)


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Hi, a couple of points to this post.
First, a weird, but fairly reproduceable bug I'm having. The bug tends to show up if I quickly flip through items in a playlist, or opening files in quick succession from explorer. after a little bit, the player simply freezes, and brings up the this program is not responding, thing. Now, this only appears to happen under windows 7 32-bit home premium, the current OS I'm running, this bug hardly showed up in xp, if at all. Any other windows 7 users, either 32 or 64-bit, able to make this bug show up?

Second, while xmPlay is awesome, for a blind user, it's still a little difficult to use the playlist, i can't speak for the library since I don't use it, but figure it'll be subject to the same problems. While it's entirely possible to manipulate the playlist from the keyboard, there's no feedback given to a user of a screen reader. This isn't ideal in a broadcasting situation, where you don't want to be having to change songs to make sure you have the write thing selected, before deleting or moving things around! lol. My suggestion for this problem would be to either expose playlist items to MSAA or UIA, the accessibility layers in windows, or, have an alternative playlist view that just shows up in a standard windows listview. You could then use cut/copy/paste, or have the assigned playlist manipulation keystroeks affect the underlieing list, which would get reflected in the listview. On a similar note, one thing I miss from winamp is the jump to time feature. Again, it's entirely possible for a sited user to grab the slider with the mouse, and drag. Again, that slider isn't exposed to screen reading software. So either, have that slider show up as part of the alternative interface, or, simply have a jump to time feature, like winamp.

I know these probably aren't trivial changes, but I'm willing to work with you, Ian off the forum to help with this. I can even provide the link to the free screen-reading sollution i use, so that you can test things, and see what it's like for a blind computer user, if needed. Also, appologies if a lot of this isn't relevant to most users, but figured I'd put this out here so that other users can contribute, as well.

Ok, that's enough from me in this rambling post, :d