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BASSEnc and Flac with multi channel audio
« on: 14 Jun '12 - 12:13 »

Trying to encode a multi channel 5.1 audio file with Flac which is saved by BASSEnc with the following flags:

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But no output is generated, the following error is given by Flac:

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WARNING: skipping unknown sub-chunk 'JUNK' (use --keep-foreign-metadata to keep)
WARNING: legacy WAVE file has format type 1 but bits-per-sample=24
ERROR: WAVE has >2 channels but is not WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE; cannot assign channels

Could this WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE channel mapping data to be included with BASSEnc's WAV PCM saving, please?
I am trying to achieve maximum quality (I am working on a converter, especially to support multi channel conversion) so I would need this with all possible combinations (16/24/32bit integer/32bit floating point/all possible channel count from 1 to 8 ).

Documentation: WAV Audio File Format Specifications
About speaker configuration: Multiple Channel Audio Data and WAVE Files
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Re: BASSEnc and Flac with multi channel audio
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jun '12 - 15:59 »
Here's an update to try...

It adds the following BASS_Encode_Start/Limit flag for a WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE "fmt" chunk...

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#define BASS_ENCODE_WFEXT 0x400

It isn't currently possible to specify a custom channel mask (dwChannelMask); a standard mask will be used based on the number of channels (0 will be used if there are more than 8 channels). Let me know if you have any trouble with it.


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Re: BASSEnc and Flac with multi channel audio
« Reply #2 on: 15 Jun '12 - 15:43 »
Seems working fine.

Thank you!