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Well... XMPlay is one of few programs that supports IPv6 (which is sad btw... but the problem isn't about Apps, more about damn slow ISP development) which is nice to see ;) But I've recently had a problem with it... it's not XMPlay's fault but it could improve.

A Radio station I use, got IPv6 problems or at least added faulty IPv6... and XMPlay isn't really able to do IPv4 fall-back.
Example Stream: (they may fix it, so it may not always work, I can create a faulty Host if u want)
Result: XMPlay tries to open it, and gets timeout after 4 seconds (well I've set it to 4 sec xS)

Well I've expect it to do IPv4 fall-back like it does for the real Stream URL: (which has another bug since it won't timeout after 4 seconds I set but after 10 seconds which is default)
I'll understand the reason for this behavior, it's a playlist after all: when a track fails, try the next ASAP... But it should try IPv4 at least.. maybe with 1 second timeout or something... or try IPv4 in parallel if IPv6 didn't responded within X seconds. The way it is now, doesn't allow me to use the stream at all without getting the real stream URL myself... eg. no playlist URL

Then (as some one else mentioned before, another Topic) it would be nice to be able to deactivate plug-ins.. so not to delete or rename them but disable them in XMPlay. Well it's maybe not that important :P (I'll build it in if u want to xD)

PS: when I used the direct stream link and let it load, the .pls works as well. Until I restart XMPlay of course (not useful but wanted to note that)
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