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SC68 - SND and SNDH files.
« on: 25 Sep '12 - 16:31 »
I know this topic has been brought up before.  When I install in_sc68.dll and modify the registry path I am able to play *.sc68 files only.  *.snd and *.sndh files remain broken.  I've made sure to install the Winamp2 plugin and the resource files.  I saw in an earlier post that you modified XMPlay a long time ago to be able to get SC68 to work.  Since then I have downloaded the latest XMPlay from the /stuff directory.  I report that it no longer works.  I'm also not counting out the fact that I could be doing something wrong, but my suspicions tell me that I am not.

Thanks for your potential consideration! :)


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Re: SC68 - SND and SNDH files.
« Reply #1 on: 25 Sep '12 - 18:18 »
There is no proper snd / sndh plugin for winamp / xmplay... Use this separate player:

If you buy chance wanted to playback .stc files aswell, then you'd have to use this player:

If you could contact the author somehow, maybe they might be interested in making a winamp / xmplay plugin outta it?

It would be awesome to make xmplay the universal player, but it seems these authors are hard to get in touch with and they are quite secretive on their playroutines.
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Re: SC68 - SND and SNDH files.
« Reply #2 on: 17 Apr '18 - 12:55 »
Finally, an updated Sc_68 plugin, which plays .SNDH files too:

Tested in XMPlay!