Author Topic: Allow Esc to be set as a shortcut key  (Read 14536 times)


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Allow Esc to be set as a shortcut key
« on: 1 Jan '13 - 12:22 »
I would like to set "Esc" to be set as a shortcut key for Minimize to tray.

However in Options > Shortcuts > "Click here to add shortcut" - I cannot specify "Esc" because pushing the Esc key is interpreted as Stop listening for shortcut key by the options screen.

It would be nice if we could also push Esc to use as a shortcut key. And instead there could be a mouse-clickable button if the user wants to indicate "Stop listening for shortcut key"


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Re: Allow Esc to be set as a shortcut key
« Reply #1 on: 1 Jan '13 - 12:35 »
Search the forum.

I am trying to get XMPlay to close when Escape is pressed, but it would seem this isn't possible because Escape cancels the key input poll in the menu. Is there a way to bind Escape by another means?
You can add that shortcut by adding "0A0000001B000102" to the "Shortcuts" entry in the XMPLAY.INI file.
Obviously, the first part of the code is slightly different because you want to minimize to tray, so you should use 030000001B000102.