Author Topic: Feature Request: "Current Track - Forward by 9s" / "27s" Shortcut Key  (Read 1362 times)


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Currently in Options>Shortcuts it has "Current Track - Back" and "Current Track - Forward" which can be mapped to Left and Right which is great. These default to 3 second jumps which is a great amount for normal usage.

Feature Request: It would be also great to have the Alt and Ctrl keys mapped to the arrow keys which would make it be able to do longer jumps as well. So that Alt would make it jump by 9 seconds, and Ctrl would make it jump by 27 seconds. This would make XMPlay match the seek shortcut key behavior of many other players.

Left          :: "Current Track - Back by 3s"
Alt+Left     :: "Current Track - Back by 9s"
Ctrl+Left    :: "Current Track - Back by 27s"
Right         :: "Current Track - Forward by 3s"
Alt+Right    :: "Current Track - Forward by 9s"
Ctrl+Right   :: "Current Track - Forward by 27s"
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You can already do that, actually. You can add (for example) Alt-Right to 'Forward by 3s' to the shortcuts list three times. Which'll make it trigger three times, thus forwarding by 9 seconds. And so on. :)

Jimmy Neutron

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While that's true Jace, I think that robertcollier4 would like to have strange little work-arounds like this one and the code for the escape key more up front and intuitive for new and/or ordinary users. 

It moves it from "stuff you have to already know" to "stuff you can see."  (And as an aside, that's the reason for Windows GUI popularity over DOS.)