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Nicolas Bahamondes

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XMPlayer 8 Face Series
« on: 31 Jan '13 - 22:24 »
Well, Well, XMPlayers. Here is my first work for XMPlay. Hope you like it.
It's called: XMPlayer 8 Face Series.

This Face mimics the Graphical User Interface of RealPlayer 8, with some modifications (The Playlist section never existed with that look in the original RealPlayer, so I got the graphics from RealJukebox 2), and at this way, bring the best streaming player of the nineties to your desktop, exclusively for XMPlay.

NOTE: The RealPlayer Jingle is not included :P
(Dib-Dub, Duh-Ba!)

The XMPlayer 8 Face Series comes in two Flavors: Basic and Plus. The Basic version includes a false "Upgrade to XMPlayer 8 Plus" in the main window and the Equalizer is reduced from 9 knobs to 3 of them, just like the RealPlayer 8 Basic version.

The Plus version includes the full equalizer in the interface and the false "Upgrade to Plus" button is not present.

Obviously, XMPlay is free! Just feel the realism. :)

This version is a little bit different from the Snapshot I've sent in a previous post.

Here it goes:

AstralSoup Design

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Added to the Directory!
« Reply #1 on: 31 Jan '13 - 22:32 »
UPDATE: The XMPlayer 8 Face is uploaded to the directory. The Basic version is not compiled, but included in the Source files as a bonus. Thanks, Ian!  :)
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Chinese Sausage

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Re: XMPlayer 8 Face Series
« Reply #2 on: 4 Feb '13 - 20:18 »
Thank you for this great skin!

Brought a lot of memories and it is a good skin too for modern systems!  8)

AstralSoup Design

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Re: XMPlayer 8 Face Series
« Reply #3 on: 10 Feb '13 - 17:24 »
Thanks for your comment. :)

Hope I can port more vintage GUI's to XMPlay. I'm planning to port the AUDION Greatest Faces from


But first, I must finish "Codename: NeverStop" for XMPlay.