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Treble/Bass Sliders
« on: 6 May '03 - 02:48 »
With all the great features being added, I'm glad I can still use XMPlay as just the best player around.
I got reminded of an old issue last weekend.  I'd done a compilation CD, and played it for a friend on a not very high quality device.  One of the tracks sounded better than I'd heard it before.  The device wasn't very responsive in the treble, and I realized as soon as I heard it that I'd had the treble set too high.
I played the original with the treble reduced in the equalizer and the improvement was amazing.
My fault, I suppose, but fiddling with the settings seemed unnecessary.  I keep the equalizer at 1.8 all the way across, which usually improves the sound, but didn't in this case.
Be a lot easier to test variations if there were a simple 2 slider system.  I know this contradicts the people who want more bands, but maybe as a plug-in?
Thanks for thinking about this.