Author Topic: [VB.NET] Simple Question - Bass.dll on the fly - System audio  (Read 2619 times)


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Hey guys,

I'm totally new to this but from what I've read bass.dll can for example make a graph equalizer/spectrum of a .wav file.

However, I'm wondering if it can also just use the system sound/audio  and  show the sound spectrum/graph EQ from that on the fly, without recording etc.?

For example, if I open spotify or youtube, play music,  then open my application (with bass.dll), can it detect the (system) audio and instantly react the graph spectrum on that?

Is that possible with Bass.dll?  If not, any ideas on how I can do this?

Ian @ un4seen

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If you're using Windows Vista or newer, you can use WASAPI's loopback feature (eg. via BASSWASAPI) to capture the soundcard output and then visualise it. Here's some example code for that...