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xmplay 2.7 beta
« on: 29 Apr '03 - 23:39 »
I've been playing around with the beta and noticed a few things.

That 8 point sinc mixer in general sounds really good :).  One thing I noticed, though, was that in some circumstances, samples sounded a little more rough than the linear mixer (these 'problem' samples sounded like they weren't filtered as much).  Another thing (which is my problem I guess) is that its too slow to play back some of the more intense .it files in my collection.  While I don't expect miracles, it would be cool to have the cubic spline mixer back as an alternate as well :).  I'm not sure if using SSE instructions would help much, but they might.  Btw, I have a p3-850@977Mhz.  Having the no-filter option is great as a lot of those older files don't sound like they're being played under water :).

Anyway keep up the good work.