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I searched the options and the help pages, but it seems this is not possible right now. The extended playlist, which is what I'm using all the time (I guess it's meant to be the main playlist?) is very convenient - it can be made so minimalistic. But what often bothers me is that ID tags can be far less than optimum, and editing titles and such in module files is another thing, so I'm doing the straightforward thing and give my music files proper filenames. And those would be perfect for the playlist, but when I activate said option, it displays the full path, which makes it useless to me. It might be very useful when wanting to quickly check the origins of all files in the list, but I'd really appreciate an option to display ONLY filenames there. (Ideally with an option to show/hide the file extension, since the type column always uses up space, while the file extensions would be hidden beyond the 'cutoff' unless the playlist is expanded.) Then I'd not have to care about editing ID tags at all, because my personal music file naming follows a consistent system.
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Is it good enough if you go to the 'Titles' part of 'Options and stuff' and change the formatting string to just "%0"?

You'll also find the options for 'Omit filename extension' there. If you want another formatting method to be shown in the playlist panel, add that to the 'Playlist panel' text field.


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I have been blind and now I see.  ::)

Thank you!  :)

Awesome player!  ;D

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In case you would like to be able to switch between formatted titles and filenames, here's an update that gives the option of whether to display the full path with the filenames...

It doesn't have the option of removing the extension from the filenames, but the type column can be removed via the "Display columns" option in the right-click menu. Note the file type and extension aren't necessarily identical though, eg. a file with an ".mp4" extension could have "aac" or "alac" in the type column.


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Cool, I was actually thinking of that, but this mini-update really surprised me.  :)
Makes switching between the two modes easier.

If you want to go wild, you can give that option a shortcut entry.  ;D
But not just for me please. I'm already happy I could replace Winamp with this. I had been using an older version of Winamp because the newest one caused freezes when opening file info, and I just couldn't fix it, and eventually it capitulated with my passion for chiptunes of all kinds. XMPlay is one of those programs that feel just right.