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[VB.NET] Multi-track Waveform cursor sync
« on: 3 Jun '13 - 17:28 »
I'm making a few experiments with multi-track waveforms, and i'm facing a problem that i cannot seem to solve:
- I need a playing cursor that will be visible over all waveforms and to scroll it as the tracks are playing. (the cursor itself is not a problem, just to set its correct  position)

- Each track has it's own picture-box with the width = track duration in seconds * 15 (otherwise the small tracks are displayed very tiny).

- Each track is created with the same flags.

- I cannot use any user inserted track for getting the position, because i want to allow the option to insert blanks in playlist, more than that if there will be 10-20 tracks overlapped it will be a real challenge to auto select which will dictate the position.

I know timers are not a solution because they are not too precise. Maybe a dummy track with the lenght of the playlist would do the job?

Thank you very much.

UPDATE: I just tried with a dummy stream and seem to work just fine.
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Re: [VB.NET] Multi-track Waveform cursor sync
« Reply #1 on: 4 Jun '13 - 05:54 »
If i use this method (with the dummy stream) to sync the players, it can appear memory usage problems? At a point it will be implemented in a radio automation software, where the software will run 24/7...

Thanks is advance,