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Sample conversion
« on: 9 Aug '13 - 21:33 »

If I open a 24bit WMA for example with the BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT stream create flag and then I use BASS_ENCODE_FP_24BIT for BASS_Encode_Start() and BASS_ENCODE_PCM, then, do I get the same sample data or will it be a little different? Is this kind of conversion sample precise or does it loose information?

Thank you!

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Re: Sample conversion
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That should result in the written WAV file containing exactly the same sample data as the source 24-bit WMA file (so long as no DSP/FX is applied). 32-bit floating-point can retain 24-bit integer data, so there is no loss in the conversion from 24-bit to floating-point and back to 24-bit.


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Re: Sample conversion
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Cool! :D

That's very good news! Thank you!

I know I could do some tests but hoped that somebody already had experience with this.