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Drag-n-Drop Problems
« on: 14 Mar '03 - 11:03 »
I'm running XMPlay 2.6 and have beenfor about 2 weeks.  Just now I tried to play some songs using drag-n-drop (which I've been using all along) and it won't accept any files that way.  The only way to add files now is with the "+" button.

The same thing happened about 2 weeks ago while I was running v. 2.4.  I came to the XMPlay site and downloaded the new version (2.6) and after installing it, it seemed to be running fine again.  But now it's doing the same thing.

Anyone have any ideas about how I can fix this?

Thank... Melody


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Re: Drag-n-Drop Problems
« Reply #1 on: 15 Mar '03 - 03:49 »
Oh, when you try to drag the files into the playlist, does your cursor change into one of those "unavailable" symbols?  (The black circle with a slash through it.)  If so, I seem to remember having this happen to me a long time ago.

If I remember correctly it was because I had two of the same version of XMPlay installed at the same time.  I seem to remember it working in one, but it wouldn't work in the copy.

Hope that helps... give some more details if you still need help. :)