Author Topic: Extended Module Player Library (libXMP) plugin for XMPlay  (Read 26505 times)


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v1.0.25, 2018-06-29
  added configuration setting to toggle support for libXMP built-in depackers
  • Arc (.arc): old file archiver and compressor
    ArcFS: Acorn file archiver and compressor
    Bzip2 (.bz2): popular Unix/Linux file compressor
    Compress (.Z): old Unix file compressor
    Gzip (.gz): popular Unix/Linux file compressor
    LHA (.lha): Amiga/DOS file archiver and compressor
    LZX (.lzx): Amiga file archiver and compressor
    MMCMP: Music Module Compressor by Emmanuel Giasson
    MUSE (.j2b): GALAXY Music System compressor by Carlo Vogelsang
    OGGMod (.oxm): OGG-encoded XM modules
    PowerPacker (.pp): Amiga file compressor by Nico Francois
    !Spark: Acorn file archiver and compressor
    S404: Amiga StoneCracker file compressor
    SQSH: Amiga file compressor
    Zip (.zip): popular DOS/Windows file compressor
    xz (.xz): Unix/Linux file compressor

v1.0.24, 2018-04-28
  added samples info to XMPlay's samples info screen
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Thnx for update. Great plugin to play OctaMED music with synth (not supported in libopenmpt)