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Bahamondes & Furan Common Controls
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Believe it or not, skinning in XMPlay can be a satisfactory and a frustrating experience at the same time – it’s satisfactory because the simplicity of the XMPlay Skin Specification consisting into a set of BMP files (with some mask files) and a simple skinconfig.txt file – and it’s frustrating because a new skin developer needs to learn the concepts of Palette Index in 8-bit BMP’s and its association with a specific function.

Personally, it took me about 7 years to understand it without help. (Well, just one good person showed me the truth through XPal).
It’s clear when a newbie learns how to make its first skin, it feels so satisfied for a well-done work and it comes the motivation to do another one, and another one, and so on.

Kitsune and I wanted to create an add-on to the existent XMPlay Skinning Kit with the objective to help newbies in the production of the first skin. That is what we call the “Bahamondes & Furan Common Controls”.

Common Controls?

As you know, there’s a set of mandatory controls to be created to make a XMPlay skin.

It’s clear that the Main Panels are the most important thing in the skin production, but we can’t take an eye out to the Information Window and the Extended Playlist Window. For a newbie or an experienced user, this is resumed as the production of more files to complete the skin.
We’ve developed a lot of skins using Common Controls, so our time and creativity is focused only into the main panels. This good companion SDR (Skin Development Resources) saved us up to 40% of workload. The real intentions behind the Common Controls were the release of them as an easy-to-read package, so newbies and experienced skin developers could bring in no extra time a great piece of art.

The Common Controls consists in the following elements:

  • Main Panel Dummy Files (Ready to be modified by you).
  • EQ/Output Panel Dummy Files (Ready to be modified by you).
  • Mini Playlist Panel Dummy Files (Ready to be modified by you).
  • Mini Mode Dummy Files (You can even CopyPaste the Main Panel Files and rename it to create static skin modes).
  • A themed Information Window set of files.
  • A themed Extended Playlist Window set of files.

We have to offer the following Common Controls according to your needs:

  • Rundelele (Offers a Microsoft Windows™ 95 look).
  • Modern Classic (Offers a Microsoft Windows™ 2000 look).
  • Platinum (Offers a Mac OS™ 9 look).
  • Opus (An enhanced RealRhapsody v4 look, launched in “Opus”).
  • Dinertown Experience (A restaurant themed look from Diner Dash™).
  • NeverStop (A contemporary look for every application, launched in “NeverStop HiDPI”).
  • Shikigami (A contemporary look with a more complete control for everything, to be launched alongside “Okimedia”).

size=12pt]Keeping in mind the Future[/size]

The Common Controls Palette Files are not only well-documented with printable reference cards, also it covers up to two years in skin innovations from Ian Luck, as we reserve a bunch of unused color indexes, ready to be implemmented in case of a new feature.

Use it as you want. No problem! :)

You can publish your skins using the Common Controls without problems. No need to ask us for permission, as we believe in the free sharing resources. It's an honor if you build your skins with our controls. The common controls will be available soon this month. In the meantime, check our Quick Start page to start building your own skins.
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Re: Bahamondes & Furan Common Controls [PLACEHOLDER]
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This is a placeholder. Please wait until completion.
What is the value of posting it then? How about posting your stuff when it's actually done?

Besides, controls are only "common" if you actually re-use them, which kind of misses the point with skins, as hardly any skin looks like another.