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Since i am a pretty intense 'Windows Commander'-user (now 'Total Commander') and would like to use XMplay in it as the external viewer for all musical files, i'd wish there where some additional command-line parameters, that i didn't find in the documents:

"- useexisting" will not open up a new XMPlay, when it is already running. Beside this CL-option you might also include a feature IN XMplay called "allow only one instance" like in DeliPlayer or Winamp. I think it might become handy to habe BOTH options.

"- addfiles" adds the given files to the playlist
"- replacefiles" replaces the given files to the playlist

Then i'd be able to configure two keys or buttons and would have all i need. =)

How about the systray-symbol beeing shown even when XMplay is open? WinAmp for example stills shows it and i noticed that i always search there first. Maybe this could be an additional option, too. In general i think there are many options missing. I guess you do know Deliplayer, but if not, then take a look at it and get some more 'inspiration'. =)

Last but not least i have a wish, that no player so far could make come true. However, this is more a plugin request then an XMplayer one: I'm a fan of SIDs (the old C64-music format) and i do have diffrent SID-plugins, which could get closer to the orignal, but are more or less pleasuring. But what i DO miss is the feature, that all subsongs are listed in the playlist and by this having the ability to get direct access to certain subsongs since many subsongs only consist of soundeffects or short clips, which i do not want in my arranged sid-playlist for a music-session.
To make it complete every playlist entry then should have the option to set the maximum playtime and a setting whether the song will be cut off or faded out once the playtime has been reached.
And finally to push it to the edge you might also want to set the starting-time of the song/subsong. Then the user would have FULL control over the playlist, cut of boring intros of a (beside that) interesting mod or cut out a special part without changing the modfile itself (e.g. there are mods, that have a silenced break in it, which in the demo they appeared in didn't show up)
As i said this is not only a player- but a plugin-problem, but if you (the XMPlayer-staff) implement the features for the playlist, you open up the way for the plugin-programmers.... and for a better future for our children.  ;D ;D ;D

So much for now,