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.it playback question
« on: 30 Jun '14 - 07:31 »
I noticed something strange on this module "nobuyuki - never seen": if I loop it, every time it loops it slows down.
Modplug Tracker does the same (it's a module from the openmpt package), while winamp does play with the correct speed every time.
Is it possible to have the same behaviour? Something like a "reset all" option on (some) looping modules, that behaves like a clean start?
Oh, I'm not saying the playback right now it's wrong, but some songs don't sound right, like this one.


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Re: .it playback question
« Reply #1 on: 30 Jun '14 - 12:08 »
Winamp's behaviour simply is wrong. You can emulate its behaviour by queueing the same tune multiple times, though.
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Re: .it playback question
« Reply #2 on: 30 Jun '14 - 18:25 »
Well, I supposed I could queue the tune multiple times, or even modify the module myself, but it's bothersome so I tought I could ask for an option.
Actually winamp playing that tune as I'd like is a -coincidence-, but like winamp is wrong only if you treat the tune as a tracker would.
I mean, if you listen to a CD track and repeat it, every loop reiteration sounds exactly the same. Do you understand what I mean?
Obv a tracker (or XMPlay right now) will "remember" commands in aready played patterns, so speed can change upon looping: while it's "right" in this context it doesn't sound right at all if the track is not made to loop / intended to loop.
So, an option to reset parameters on loop, possibly a dedicate saved setting would be handy (one wuld save the option only when it's needed, while it defaults to the "tracker behaviour").


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Re: .it playback question
« Reply #3 on: 2 Jul '14 - 06:13 »
Winamp's behavior has been wrong for ages. I tried to introduce correct behavior in their looping system over 10 years ago, and they dropped it.

Simply put, their player, unlike any proper player, completely resets the module state every time it loops. This may have the intended effect on any module which does not set the initial volumes or tempo or panning settings in the initial pattern, but also breaks any module which intentionally leaves notes hanging across the boundary of a loop.

(Incidentally, my MIDI players turn off all notes immediately at a loop boundary, because I never got around to making a loop unroller. Technically, I could easily do this the right way, simply by pushing the loop end forward to the last note off command after the loop end, then unrolling/interleaving in data from the loop start forward by however many ticks the end offset is. A good reason not to do this, is that I know of several hand looped compositions, that while unused in any published game, were designed such that they can loop forever within a loop region, but the MIDI data following the loop continues playing for another loop and then a fade. Hmm, a way to counteract that would be to only skip forward for note-off commands matching the note on commands, or note on commands which would override matching note on commands. Argh, my head...)


Here, have a fixed copy that resets the initial tempo and hopefully doesn't have any other damage applied. Mischief managed by Schism Tracker.
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Re: .it playback question
« Reply #4 on: 2 Jul '14 - 15:52 »
oh kode, thanks for "fixing" it before I did it myself, just downloading is faster than having to fire up a tracker and use mah brain.
yeah, WA is nowhere a reference, it just happened to behave like I wanted. Wrong? Who cares, I don't use it anyway...
I only keep it around for milkdropping reasons ;)
I suppose I'll have to fix by hand the song that do stuff like ths one,seems like there's a strong opposition against having the player, as you say, "completely resets the module state every time it loops".
It would'vr been handy in some cases, but obv not for others.
I just hope I don't have too many tunes to mod... Funny enough I switched to XMPlay for module playback (WA just crashed on some), then shifted interest on CD media, FLAC, and now sometimes modules again.