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MIDI rip playing detuned notes
« on: 11 Oct '14 - 02:41 »
This MIDI is ripped straight out of Pokemon Emerald. BASSMIDI and XMPlay play notes off-pitch that aren't as detuned in the original.

Don't know how to explain it but the attached file should speak for itself.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: MIDI rip playing detuned notes
« Reply #1 on: 13 Oct '14 - 15:32 »
Is it channel 7 that sounds out of tune? It looks like the cause of that is the pitch bend range. The file is setting that to 12 semitones (which seems to be the correct value) but then setting it to 44 semitones immediately afterwards, so 44 is what gets used. Some players/devices have their own pitch bend range limit, and perhaps the file's original player is limited to 12 semitones, effectively ignoring the 44 semitones setting? For comparison, is the file sounding correct in any other players?

Removing the 44 semitone pitch bend range RPN from channel 7 (eg. in a MIDI sequencer) should remove the problem.


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Re: MIDI rip playing detuned notes
« Reply #2 on: 5 Nov '14 - 23:26 »
Oh, all right. I removed the event as you advised.

For reference, it sounds perfectly fine in MuseScore, Windows Media, and the original game.


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Re: MIDI rip playing detuned notes
« Reply #3 on: 6 Nov '14 - 06:47 »
There are various MIDI players which adhere more or less loosely to the GM standard. I think XMPlay belongs to the "more" category. ;)