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Re: Configure ASIO Buffer Size
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1) If I'm setting MMCSS=Pro Audio in xmplay.ini, does that mean the ASIO driver is being run at that priority?

No, that setting only applies to XMPlay's decoding thread. The ASIO driver will have its own thread(s).

Several of the USB audio glitch trouble shooting sources I've been reading suggest to make sure the ASIO driver's thread is running at an elevated priority (up to real time). Any idea how to get that to happen, preferably all the time and not just a one-off tweak?

2) If the Information panel shows "Output: 44100 hz - stereo - 32 bit", is XMPlay sending 32 bit samples to the ASIO driver?

An ASIO driver supports a single sample format (eg. 32-bit in your case), so XMPlay will produce output in that format if "Use optimal resolution" is enabled, otherwise the ASIO plugin will pad the user's "Resolution" setting to the driver's format (if the former is lower than the latter).

Just curious, if XMPlay needs to reduce the bit depth (settings for 32 bit audio, but driver is 24) in the ASIO plugin, is there any indication to the user that it's happening? Would the Info panel still show 32 bit as the output?

Am I correct that the output of the DSP (replay gain, EQ) is always 32 bits (even if the source audio is 16 or 24), and then adjusted to the user output depth or driver depth?

In other words, I'm not crazy in thinking I can keep the bit depth unmodified at 32 from the DSP all the way out to the DAC if I set Output->Resolution to 32 bit, and "Use optimal resolution is checked" (or not, I guess, at least in my case since the driver supported depth is the same as my setting)?  ;D