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Saved settings priority
« on: 30 Oct '14 - 07:11 »
Use case: I want some (.it) files in a certain path to be played with a set of MOD settings that override my defaults for the .it type.

That seems to be impossible according to the saved settings lookup order in the manual. Why does the more generic "type" have precedence over the more specific "path"? Could/should there be a another settings category added combining type and path, which would outrank both?

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Re: Saved settings priority
« Reply #1 on: 30 Oct '14 - 18:09 »
"path" settings do indeed currently have lowest priority (the order is: file, tags, type, path). The reason "path" settings have lowest priority is because they can apply to sub-directories, eg. "C:\" would cover the entire C: drive. So other settings types might not get a look in if "path" settings had higher priority. Perhaps an exact path match could be given higher priority though, eg. 2nd after a file match? Here's an update that should do that...