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Transparency taken to the extreme
« on: 8 Dec '14 - 16:08 »
I have been waiting a long time the skin to support transparency. Now we have it! Very nice. Thanks Ian.

I updated my Vintage Radio skin accordingly. Looks much better.

Then I started exploring to find the limits of transparency.
I took the Easy Play skin and made it as transparent as I could (BTW, it supports Mute if you have the latest Stuff player).
Try it here if you want:

Here are my findings:
- Area of a panel that is totally transparent (alpha=0) cannot be clicked (sounds obvious now...). Workaround: make it alpha=1. It will look as transparent as 0 but will be click-able.

- Buttons, knobs, level and sliders would show on an alpha=0 background, however, they shouldn't have any pixel with alpha=0. That would display in a funny way. It looks like it inherits the bg alpha level and turns the color to black.

- Text such as Title, Time and Info inherit the bg alpha level. That means they won't be visible on a low alpha bg. And the anti-aliasing pixels look like they have the wrong color. So, at least for now, keep text bg solid.
See this post about the same topic:

I didn't make extended transparency test for all panels and buttons but anticipate similar behavior.
Feel free to explore and let us know...

Bye for now.
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