Author Topic: *.bmx, *.flp files player possible?  (Read 3718 times)


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*.bmx, *.flp files player possible?
« on: 12 Dec '02 - 18:06 »
does there exist any plugin for "buzz tracker" songs? :'(
Does anybody know a plugin or something like this? I know itīs a very exotic format, but there exist some very very good songs for this tracker. Also "Fruity Loops" is a very interesting program. I also donīt know any plugin or player for it. The problem on "Fruity Loops" & "Buzz Tracker" seems that they only save the patterns and no machines/instuments in the files. So it would be impossible or very complex to play the songs without tracker.
Would there be a possibility to play them without the trackers in future? Hope to hear from you!

here are some examples.
*.flp tracker can be found here
*.bmx tracker can be found here


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Re: *.bmx, *.flp files player possible?
« Reply #1 on: 12 Dec '02 - 18:22 »
well I'm not sure about fruity loops but BUZZ due to the fact the to play a song the tracker is required to be installed along with any machines for each songs makes it impossible for any player to support it.

There is a winamp plugin available on the BUZZ site that allows you do use the machines etc. But you *cannot* play a bmx file with the required machines and the tracker itself installed.

I'll look into fruity loops, but I suspect its a similar case. A more indepth explanation of why this can't be supported can be found on under F.A.Q. I believe.