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I made a nice edit to zlib adding some other libs into it including libogg. What is nice is it uses C++6 and I converted the latest version of zlib 1.2.8 which had only C++ 2008 and 2010 project files into a compile inside of C++6 project file. Enjoy. I hope to be able to somehow use my zlib Extended inside of xmplay so then it would be able to decode things compressed with deflate method for playing back files compressed using deflate. yes I know it could be used in the zip plugin but it doesn't support deflate files that are not in the zip format AKA some other format that uses some sort of zlib encryption.

I don't know how to encrypt/decrypt data yet in zlib also a nice but optional thing as well is that it also has libjpeg and libpng with it as well.

Win 32 Compiled DLL (zipped): zlibEx
Win 32 Project files (zipped)(requires C++ 6 to be installed): zlibEx

Also includes the separate dll project files for if you want to just use the code from 1 of the separate dll's without extracting them from zlib Extended. Or if you want to build that such project separately.
Note: the Source code not only includes the code but also the compiled files from the top link. I provided the ones on top link in case someone doesn't have C++ 6 installed and that they don't want the code.

Feel free to help with zlib Extended on getting it to support XML (for files that has xml in the beginning of files for things zlib related for unpacking of course or reading from them) I do have test files to test out such methods to see if it would work if needed.

Also zlib Extended does need a static project to make a static version of this. (for if you need to make a plugin without the need to have zlibEx.dll on your or the end user's system)(would be great to do tbh).

Good news I have updated libxml project and have been able to compile libxml inside zlib Extended for now. Feel free to make a Static version of all the zlib Extended compile types.

Edit: Added 4 more build modes allowing you to optionally remove a feature without removing it from project.
And yes when they build I only have Release settings on them but they always build with debug info I did that on purpose. l0l
Also if anything you guys see is out of date but they don't have a C++ 6 project file let me know I could try to see if I can convert that project to C++ 6 when I have time. l0l (libxml, I know is out of date but idek if it can be done to convert it to C++ 6 unless you know what you are doing(not me on this one project as it is too confusing for me).)

libxml updates cant be applied for right now. gg But I was able to use update to libpng by downgrading the libpng project for VS7.1 to 6. gg
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