Author Topic: Trimming the amount of file opening dialogue boxes  (Read 773 times)


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Currently XMPlay uses 4 different dialogue boxes for 'Open file(s)', 'Add file(s)', 'Add Folder', 'Open folder' operations, which are too many. Furthermore, the 'Add Folder' and 'Open folder' dialogue boxes do not open from the last opened directory, creating awkward and inconsistent user interface experience. 'Open file(s)' and 'Add file(s)' can be merged by adding an 'Add' button to the 'Open file(s)' dialogue box, eliminating the need for 'Add file(s)' dialogue box. Furthermore, the 'Add' button does not close the 'Open file(s)' dialogue box, allowing files from multiple locations to be added within a single dialogue box session. Consequently, the 'Cancel' button is renamed to 'Close'. The 'Add Folder' and 'Open folder' dialogue boxes can be merged in similar manners.

However, the trimming can be done even further. 'Open file(s)' and 'Open folder' dialogue boxes can be merged into a single dialogue box with Explorer-style split directory and file views for files. Consequently, the 'Include sub-folders' and 'Ignore playlists & shortcuts' options are merged into the unified 'Open file(s)' dialogue box. Furthermore, the Open and Add buttons should be redesigned such that the operations can be applied to the selected directory and file objects, so no separate 'Add Folder' and 'Open Folder' dialogue boxes are necessary. As a result, all 4 dialogue boxes are merged into one without losing any feature.

As part of the dialogue box overhaul, XMPlay should also save the following properties of the united Open file(s) dialogue box: size, position, view settings. In addition, option to have the dialogue box to stay open after adding or opening file(s).