Author Topic: Requesting Shortcut Possibility -- Copy Current File to Folder  (Read 1155 times)


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I would really appreciate being able to copy the current-playing file to some user-designated folder.

I'm going through hundreds of midi files, and ones that sound pretty good I'd like to be able to easily save, basically separating them from the rest.

So, if I'm playing through several hundred midi files, and one sounds great, then I'd like to hit, say, F12, and the current midi file will be copied to "C:\Midi_Saved".

Any related suggestions welcome.

Nicholas Kormanik


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Currently you can left+right drag local files off of the playlist and drop them into a folder for example to copy them there.
For remote files, right-click on the playlist gives you the Write to disk > Download option.


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Ability to drag would be terrific.  Doesn't work on my computer, for some reason.  Is there a setting that I have to set to allow dragging?  Only drag permitted is up and down in the playlist, not off to the side.


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Hold left button down on the playlist entry, right-click while holding the left and then drag. That ought to do it.


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Ohhh good.  That worked.  A bit too tricky holding down two buttons.  But at least it's doable.

A future version should permit such tasks to be done more easily, I think.