Author Topic: Feature Request: ReplayGain Information & Chromatic Spectrum Analyzer  (Read 950 times)


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I'm tired of having to load that ugly, skanky foobar2000 just to scan and set the ReplayGain per-track information on WAV files extracted from every new CD.  It's long past the time that XMplay should be able to do it.

Now that AtomicPlayer has sadly given up the ghost, I'd also like to see a chromatic spectrum analyzer built in: "It's a chromatic analyzer (each band represents one of the keys on the piano; 12 per octave.) When the musicians create a clean sound you'll be able to see the shape and intensity chord by chord, note by note. And unlike most visualizers out there, this one is accurate, showing intensity in decibels (normalized to pink noise frequency distribution) and with precise markers for frequencies (in hertz)." (emphasis added)  It is simply awesome and looks like this (click to enlarge):

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