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Android version of XM Play
« on: 15 May '16 - 22:53 »
I would love to see an Android version of this come along.  There is a really neat music player coming out petty soon and it's built on Android.  They have already said that you can bring any music player there on board to play if you like it better than the one built into the player.  With that level of freedom, having XM Player there would allow us to play damn near any music format with ease on this player (options for playing game music rips are limited and definitely do not work as well as XM Player and its plugins can do).

Is this something anyone has ever thought about before?


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Re: Android version of XM Play
« Reply #1 on: 16 May '16 - 07:50 »
This comes up with every idea to port to another system. XMPlay's wide format coverage is thanks to its plugins which are Windows code often written by third parties. If Ian decided to port XMPlay to Android for example, that would leave all the plugins still requiring to be built for the system as well. And that seems like a sub-optimal situation considering many of the plugins are based on multiplatform libraries.

XMPlay's hilight in this context (because the UI certainly wouldn't transfer over as-is) is its native, ever-improving playback accuracy when it comes to tracker module formats. Those features are also available in the BASS library, which is available for Android.

In my mind the perfect "Android version of XMPlay" would not be a port of it but something focusing on perfecting device appropriate UI with the power of BASS inside, as well as other quality playback libraries bringing the format coverage up to XMPlay's level.


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Re: Android version of XM Play
« Reply #2 on: 16 May '16 - 08:09 »
Yeah, an android player based on BASS would indeed be the most rational thing.
It's almost the same situation as the much asked linux port, even Ian couldn't port it sucessfully. :P