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Hi, Ian!
Found some .wma files are unplayable with XMPlay+ latest (rev12b - 2014.12.23) build of xmp-wma. Earlier versions doesnt support them too. Potplayer and VLC2 supports. The true timer of file are shown, but music doesnt start. Seems problem with codec WMA2 or because it's 32bit sampled.

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Re: xmp-wma.dll: Windows Media Audio V2 support
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It looks like that may be a bug/deficiency in the WMVCORE.DLL library. The XMPlay WMA plugin is getting a NS_E_INVALID_DATA error from it when asked to decode data from the file. The file isn't playable with BASSWMA or Winamp either, and both of them are using WMVCORE too. The file is playable with Windows Media Player and VLC, and it looks like neither of them are using WMVCORE. The file is also playable with BASS when it uses the Media Foundation WMA codec instead of BASSWMA/WMVCORE. So I guess the answer is to use the Media Foundation codec instead. I am planning to add support for Media Foundation codecs in XMPlay for the next release. Note Media Foundation is only available on Vista and newer, so the WMA plugin will still be needed for WMA playback by users of older Windows.