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FFSOX not fully supported in XMplay.
« on: 14 Aug '16 - 13:18 »
Hi !i!
I have try'ed to listen some *.xwma files from PC game "Hydrophobia" (the header in hexeditor looks like "RIFF....XWMAfmt ....").
The FFmpeg project support this format from at least 2012 year. So using FFplay.exe - I can easily play such file's.
Where exist WinAmp plugin called "FFSOX" - it use FFmpeg and SOX source code to decode *.xwm *.xwma file's. But it latest versions have bugs working with XMplay.
The latest versions of FFSOX plugin - can't save settings then runned from XMplay. Also with the very last version "in_ffsox-2-0.3.5" - XMplay give error the I try to close it.

According to this information (form 2012) - the last version of FFsox plugin which can save settings - was version prior to 0.4.9
naoan> Since 0.4.9 ffsox does not save configuration on other winamp-compatible player like xmplay. Maybe this is xmplay's fault for not having a particular api (IPC_GETINIDIRECTORY(W) from winamp but I'm wondering if you can make it so it revert to old behavior if ffsox can't find the api?

I have try FFsox version 0.4.8 - it can save settings. But for playing *.xwma files - your need to change shorten FFmpeg dll's  (avcodec-54.dll; avformat-54.dll; avutil-51.dll; swscale-2.dll) with it's full version. For this outdated version of FFsox - I need specific outdated version of FFMpeg (1.0.10) - which I can't find anywhere.

I have managed to find version of FFmpeg version 1.1 ( - which work's with version FFSox - but this version of FFsox already have bugs with saving settings under XMplay.

In the end I managed to play *.xWMA files  with XMplay using FFSox and dll's (avcodec-54.dll; avformat-54.dll; avutil-52.dll; swscale-2.dll) from FFmpeg 1.1. But it doesn't save settings - and every time I run XMplay - I need to manually add supported file extension in FFsox settings (xWMA;XWM).

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Re: FFSOX not fully supported in XMplay.
« Reply #1 on: 14 Aug '16 - 13:29 »
So I ask you too fix FFsox work with XMplay, or just help me to find/compile some specific version of FFMpeg 1.0.10 - so I can work with 0.4.8 version of FFSox.  ;)

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Re: FFSOX not fully supported in XMplay.
« Reply #2 on: 14 Aug '16 - 14:36 »
Hm... I managed to patch default settings using Hex editor - just changed one of standart extension in "in_ffsox.dll" ver Changed string "FLAC" to "xWMA" since we already have "in_flac.dll" plugin. Now I don't need to manually add supported extension every time I start XMmplay.

So just focus on fixing latest versions of FFSox.

Somebody need to send a bug report to FFMpeg devolpemnt team - some *.xWMA  file with SampleRate=22050 are played incorrectly: too high speed x8 timefaster; distorted sound (ugly strereo).