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Only first download takes minutes to start
« on: 24 Mar '17 - 09:11 »
The last few weeks I have experienced this on some win 10 machines:

After starting a pc, I can use e.g. internet explorer to browse without any problem. But only in my program using BASS, which I use to stream mp3s from a server, it's always the first stream that gets stalled for several minutes to start (and freezes my program). All later streams I start have no problem at all.

Has anybody ever experienced such thing and knows where to look? It must have something to do with win10 I guess.



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Re: Only first download takes minutes to start
« Reply #1 on: 24 Mar '17 - 14:57 »
Is the problem happening when streaming from a particular server, or all servers? To narrow down what's causing the delay, you could try capturing the network traffic and inspect the timing in that, eg. is the delay in DNS lookup, or in connecting to the server, or is it after connecting? You can use Wireshark to capture the network traffic:

Regarding your program getting frozen, it should be possible to avoid that by making the BASS_StreamCreateURL call in another thread (not the main thread). A demonstration of doing that can be found in the NETRADIO example included in the BASS package.