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BASSRecordFormat Enumeration
« on: 4 Apr '17 - 16:28 »

I notice the enum has no 32bit entries. My Windows phone "System Mix" is 48 kHz, Stereo, 32-bit - which is showing as:

Will all hardware have the above if 48 kHz, Stereo, 32-bit?

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Re: BASSRecordFormat Enumeration
« Reply #1 on: 4 Apr '17 - 17:24 »
It looks like you are referring to the BASS_RECORDINFO "formats" field. The high 8 bits of that contains the native number of channels, which you can extract with BASS.Net's "Channels" method. The WAVE_FORMAT_xxx flags in the documentation don't apply in the WinStore version, so the low 24 bits will all be 0, ie. you can ignore the "formats" member if you use the "Channels" method.