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Check if Internet stream exists
« on: 21 Apr '17 - 14:57 »
I have a huge list of internet radio stations (m3u,pls...).Many of them don't work. How can I bulk check all of them? The one sure way to do it is to open each with BASS_StreamCreateURL and hear if there is something playing. But that would take too much time. I used link checker on all of them to get their headers but again many of them return Status 200:OK but actually they are not playing.

So is there a reliable  way of checking streams validity without actualy opening them with BASS_StreamCreateURL ? Or can I use BASS_StreamCreateURL in many threads so I can check say 20 URLs at a time in 20 threads?
Hope I explained well the problem...

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Re: Check if Internet stream exists
« Reply #1 on: 21 Apr '17 - 16:12 »
It is fine to call BASS_StreamCreateURL simultaneously in multiple threads, so you could indeed do that to test the URLs. As you won't be playing the streams, you could use the BASS_STREAM_DECODE flag to save some resources when doing that, and also disable pre-buffering by setting BASS_CONFIG_NET_PREBUF to 0 (via BASS_SetConfig).