Author Topic: Does XMPlay resample output by default for some file formats?  (Read 1703 times)


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I'm a bit confused by the above screen from the output options menu.

The wording "Apply sample rate to all file formats" implies gives room for error thinking that XMPlay by default applies the sample rate conversion to some file formats. Together with the Sample rate, Channels, and Resolution select boxes which are never greyed-out, it is confusing:

Does XMPlay apply a sample rate and resolution conversion by default, or does it send to the sound device the original audio stream of the track being played?

If it does not apply any conversion by default, I think this screen should reflect it, otherwise it is confusing.

Thanks for reading.

Ian @ un4seen

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Some file formats do not have a defined sample rate (eg. MODs and MIDIs), so the "Sample rate" setting will always be used for them regardless of the "Apply sample rate to all file formats" setting. For file formats that do have a defined sample rate, the "Sample rate" setting will only be used if "Apply sample rate to all file formats" enabled.

Regarding the greyed-out confusion, I think that's just due to the type of controls used; the "Sample rate" box is editable (allows a custom rate to be entered), while the others are just lists.


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thanks for clarifying Ian :)

I think it would make users' lives much easier when it comes to this screen, if the intention is made like you just did.

The easiest, least work solution would to change that checkbox from Apply sample rate to all file formats to Apply sample rate also to non-tracked formats (wav, mp3, flac, etc.).