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BASS + Mobile battery life
« on: 22 Jul '17 - 15:00 »
When playing MO3 in an app, the battery impact is HUGE (example: With my game Hoggy 2, with music enabled, it will drain 25% of the battery in an hour, and the phone radiates heat.  With music disabled, it drains 15% and the phone is only slightly warm).  Now, I realize this might just be the price to pay, but I was wondering if there's a way to reduce this impact.

I tried looking for a function call, and maybe I just don't know the keyword: Is there a way to lower the priority of the BASS thread to reduce this impact?


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Re: BASS + Mobile battery life
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jul '17 - 17:28 »
I don't think changing the thread priority would help, as there would still be the same amount of work for the CPU to do. One way you can reduce the workload is to lower the sample rate. What rate are you currently using in the BASS_MusicLoad call? If the MO3 file is using DMO effects, reducing the number of those could help too.