Author Topic: Is mp3 patent & license free now?  (Read 330 times)


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Is mp3 patent & license free now?
« on: 27 Jul '17 - 11:35 »
I noticed here that mp3 licensing program has been terminated:

Does this mean that if I now create an mp3 audio stream in my product using bassenc - that I can also distribute the necessary encoder with my product without licensing e.g. lame?? (unsure about lame's implicit licensing having said that).

Would be great if bass incorporates a native mp3 encoder if its a free for all now.. any plans?

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Is mp3 patent & license free now?
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jul '17 - 13:29 »
Yes, I believe MP3 is basically patent-free now, so including an MP3 decoder with your product (eg. the standard BASS version) should be fine, but I guess it is possible that the LAME encoder could be using enhancements that are still patented, so I'm not sure about that.