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Invalid fileform error
« on: 4 Aug '17 - 07:14 »
I have uploaded a file that returns a fileform error when opened. However I am able to play the file with Groove and Foobar, so could you have a look? Apparantley the user has many files with this issue.
6-02 APPARENTLY UNSUPPORTED CORRUPTED Push Chairs For Grown Ups (Autechre Remix).mp3

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Re: Invalid fileform error
« Reply #1 on: 4 Aug '17 - 15:16 »
The problem is that there is over 58KB of junk (looks like old ID3v2 tags) between the ID3v2 tags and the start of the MP3 data. By default, BASS will only search 16KB beyond the tags for MP3 data, but you can change that via the BASS_CONFIG_VERIFY option. For example:

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BASS_SetConfig(BASS_CONFIG_VERIFY, 100000); // scan 100KB for MP3 data


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Re: Invalid fileform error
« Reply #2 on: 4 Aug '17 - 18:11 »
yes that resolved the issue - thank you