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BASSenc Icecast metadata charset
« on: 18 Sep '17 - 13:22 »
Hi Ian,

according to the docs of BASS_Encode_CastSetTitle, one should always use UTF-8 when sending metadata to an Icecast server.

This is actually not the case anymore since Icecast 2.3.2 (released in 2008) where they changed it back to Latin1 (but only for non-Ogg streams like MP3):

Can you please:

1. Either change the docs to point out that UTF-8 is only for Icecast Ogg streams, or Icecast servers prior to version 2.3.2, or

2. add the charset=utf8 parameter to the metadata update call.

The latter will probably break existing applications that have relied on the Icecast docs rather than the BASSenc docs. The former will do the opposite ;)

Is there a way to detect the version of the Icecast server we are streaming to? I don't think so. I will probably make a switch in my application so that the user can choose the charset.



Edit: Thinking about it, I propose that you just change the documentation. The charset-Parameter would probably break too many applications.
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Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASSenc Icecast metadata charset
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Yep, a note of that has now been added to the BASS_Encode_CastSetTitle documentation.
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