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I'm using BASS.NET for almost 9 months now, to broadcast from my PC to a SHOUTCast server, things work normal, with stepping over some conflicts and complexes, however I were keeping search everywhere for a way that I can capture only the Audio that comes from a specific application (let's say the same app that hosts the BASS.NET library)...
What I see as a first step for broadcasting is:

_recProc = new RECORDPROC(RecordingHandler);
_recHandle = Bass.BASS_RecordStart(44100, 2, BASSFlag.BASS_DEFAULT, _recProc, IntPtr.Zero);

Which streams/broadcasts all the sounds that comes form all applications running on the PC, and doesn't give a chance to select the Audio source (in my case I want the Audio input to be the Application that hosts the BASS.NET), instead of streaming all the applications sounds caused by using the Recording devices!

Please help me fulfilling this issue... 9 months I'm searching and trying to find out a method/example to fulfill this task, but in vain!

Thanks in advance.
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I am not fully sure, but I guess you can 'only' capture/record what a certain device (sound card/channel) is playing, but not what a certain application is sending to that device.

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Do you want to record the sound that's produced by the same app (ie. recording its own output), or is it another app that's running on the system? If the latter, then you could install a virtual soundcard driver, which you would set the other app to use (hopefully it has an output device selector), and your app would record from (using the device's number in the BASS_RecordInit call).